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Camera and laser inspection systems have unique sets of benefits and deficiencies. Neither technology is a perfect fit for the needs of the industry. Dark Field extracted the top 15 customer-driven inspection needs from its 45 years of laser and camera inspection experience. Then, using value engineering, created a hybrid laser/camera technology which met all 15 design objectives while eliminating the deficiencies associated with conventional camera and laser inspection systems. Solid State Laser (or LED) Reflection (SSLR) was born from this work.

Unique Benefits of Solid State Laser Reflection (SSLR)

Superior Detection

The ONLY system that uses lasers and cameras together (SSLR). Light interacts with the defect two times for enhanced detection.

Self-aligning Optics

The only self-aligning inspection system in the world. This is critically important for reflection operations. No missed defects, no false hits.

Defect Enhancement

Magnifies defect for improved sizing and classification.

Simple, Compact Installation

Easiest system to install.  Smallest installation envelope in the world.  Minimum line down time.

laser inspection systems

Additional Benefits of SSLR Technology

  • Laser or LED: The application drives this decision – SSLR unlocks the constraints associated with all other technologies.
  • No shrouding required: Unlike conventional systems which can require shrouding of the cameras and impede access for threadup, operators and maintenance, there is NO shrouding required of the Dark Field Solid State Laser Reflection scanners.
  • Simplified defect classification and actions: Defect Action Matrix is customized for each installation.
  • Customized User Interface: Dark Field customizes the HMI for its customers including operator screen translation to non-English languages.
  • Customized reporting and trends: Dark Field customizes the reports and trends for its customers.
  • Marking and slitting/chopping interfaces.
  • OPC compatible.

Award Winning Technology Company

Dark Field was awarded the top prize by CTC, “Technology Product of the Year” beating out 220 other companies for the distinction.