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Camera and laser inspection systems each have unique sets of benefits and deficiencies. Neither technology is a perfect fit for the needs of the industry. Dark Field extracted the top 15 customer-driven inspection needs from its 45 years of laser and camera inspection experience. Then, using value engineering, created a hybrid laser/camera technology which meets all 15 design objectives while eliminating the deficiencies associated with conventional camera and laser inspection systems. Solid State Laser (or LED) Reflection (SSLR) was born from this work.

Unique Benefits of Solid State Laser Reflection (SSLR)

Superior Detection

The ONLY system that uses lasers and cameras together (SSLR). Light interacts with the defect two times for enhanced detection. Proven detection to 1µm on-line. Highest on-line Roll-To-Roll system resolution in the world.

Self-Aligning Optics

The only self-aligning inspection system in the world. This is critically important for reflection operations particularly First Surface Reflection. No missed defects, no false hits.

First Surface Reflection and Transmission

Detects defects on the first surface and ignores defects on the second surface. Optional system toggle converts the system from First Surface Reflection to Transmission.

Surface Cleanliness Measurement-Increased Throughput, Yield, Quality and Reduced Cost

30% – 70% of coating defects are due to debris or residue on the surface as a result of poor cleaning. It is imperative that only clean substrates are coated. Dark Field systems measure first surface cleanliness and produce a Clean Number for each substrate. The Clean Number is used for process control to avoid waste and yield loss.

Detection of Grid or Pattern Defects

Special SSLR optics and processing module to detect defects in the presence of a pattern or grid.

Curved Glass/Sapphire Inspection

SSLR detects defects on curved surfaces; proven from 6mm to 8000mm radius of curvature.

100% Coating Uniformity Measurement

System shows the areas on the substrate which are outside the coating uniformity control limits.

100% Haze Measurement

Correlation to Gardner Haze Gard Plus. System provides a haze map and shows the areas which are out of specification.

Turnkey Systems and Custom Designed Systems

Dark Field designs and builds Turnkey and Custom systems against customer-specific requirements.

ITAR Compliant – Supports ITAR Businesses

Dark Field engineers provide unlimited telephone, remote access, and applications lab support for twelve months following shipment.

Simple, Compact Installation – All Active Modules are Above the Substrate

Easiest system to install. Smallest installation envelope in the world. Minimum line down time.

Modular Design – Simple Upgrade Path

Dark Field systems are completely modular. This means that scanner design and electronic processing modules are optimized for each application. Optics and processing modules can be specified and upgraded independently in the field as process and product needs evolve.

No Maintenance

Self-aligning means never having to check and adjust the optics. Once the system is aligned, all modules are locked into place. The retro-reflection module returns the light to the scanner to ensure that the system stays in alignment in the presence of substrate bounce, flutter and thickness changes.

Customized Operator Interface and Reports/Trends

Optional SQL server with customer-specific reports and trends for 12 months following shipment.

Allen-Bradley PLC/OPC Option

Simple means to interface with different sensors and controls.

Award Winning Technology Company

Dark Field was awarded the top prize by CTC, “Technology Product of the Year” beating out 220 other companies for the distinction.