Specialty Film Materials

Unique & Powerful Technologies

Proven in a Range of Applications Where High Performance is Critical

High value film producers must maintain production and quality 24/7. Only through a robust, simple inspection system can these objectives be achieved. Dark Field Technologies is pushing the envelope again with a new, patent-pending inspection technology, which combines the best elements of laser scanners and camera systems in a low cost, high resolution system.

Specialty Materials Solutions

  • Copper and Aluminum Foil Inspection

  • In-situ coating inspection inside the deposition chamber

  • Coating Defects

  • Slot Die Coating Thickness Measurement

  • Aerospace Glass

  • Defect Enhancement

  • First Surface Inspection

  • On-Line 100% Haze Measurement

  • Transient Defects

  • Scratch/Sleek/Dig Detection

  • Fuel Cells

  • Membranes: RO and Biological

  • Turnkey Inspection Systems

  • Touch Sensors

  • Razor Blades

  • Incoming Quality Control (IQC)

  • Solar PV inspection and scribe metrology

  • Coated Paper/Board

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