Inspections Solutions for Optics

ISO 10110 and MIL 13830B Compliant

Defect Mapping, Imaging, and Classification

Dark Field enables optics manufacturers achieve the industries scratch/dig inspection requirements with a solution that’s accurate, objective, and repeatable. Our SSLR systems can inspect to MIL-PRF-13830B and ISO 10110 on plano and non-plano optics, ensuring all parts meet the specified standards. The flexibility to inspect a wide array of optics make the Dark Field SSLR system an invaluable tool for meeting the ranging demands of the optics industry.

Your Partner For Complete Inspection & Metrology Solutions, From Product Development Through Production

Contract Inspection

Contract Inspection allows your team to deploy Dark Field’s inspection expertise even in the early days of product and process development.

R&D Tabletop Systems

Turnkey tabletop inspection systems allow pilot lines, Labs and R&D operations to start using SSLR technology early in the product/process development. Systems are modular and may be repurposed to the production line in the future. This means that the Lab or Pilot Line results are directly transferrable to Production.

Solid State Laser Reflection (SSLR) Systems for Pilot Lines and Production

The world’s most advanced technology solution for finding defects and taking measurements in RTR, Sheet and Wafer Production. On-line defect detection to 1µm. Achieve greater throughput, improved quality, minimize scrap, eliminate manual labor, and improve costs – concurrently.

Turnkey Systems

New processes and pilot plants sometimes require a stand-alone, special turnkey system. Dark Field turnkey systems deliver recipe-based defect detection and metrology for all process operations. Systems include XYZ stages and requisite safety interlocks and controls. This system may later be repurposed for Production.

Future Upgrades

As processes and products change or evolve, Dark Field systems may be upgraded for wider and faster operations, greater system resolution and customized software. Dark Field systems are completely modular so they can be upgraded in the field.

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