Optical Glass and Wafer Inspection

US Industry has three choices: Automate, Emigrate or Evaporate

Optics/Wafer Defect Mapping, Imaging and G/NG Grading

Unique Dark Field Solid-State Laser Reflection (SSLR) technology

laser inspection systems

Dark Field SSLR Technology delivers these concurrent benefits

  • Eliminate manual inspection labor/reduce cost

  • Increase production rate

  • Improve quality

  • Eliminate customer returns

  • Maximize yields


Dark Field builds high-resolution, high speed laser inspection systems for optical glass inspection, some examples below.

Turnkey System, Planet Operation, = 1 second per optic, no manual handling, lights out operation

300mm Glass Wafer inspection time = 2 seconds

6 ft. x 12 ft. Coated glass, First Surface, 16 scanners, 10µm resolution = 15 seconds

Scratch/Dig, Flat and Curved Optics

MIL and ISO compliant

US designed and built

From Our Customers

Here is what one customer had to say about the system, which was installed to check first surface glass wafer cleanliness.

“The system has been working really well.  In fact, the location of the Dark Field system close to where the wafers are cleaned has increased our yield at the patterning step by 4% by

  1. Screening for particles that result in defects that we couldn’t see before and
  2. Enabling process improvement work in the wafer cleaning area.

Long story short, it’s doing exactly what we need with no big hiccups re: stability, etc.”

Senior Director of Fab Engineering – March 30, 2021

An update from this same customer as of a few days ago:

“The Darkfield along with some process improvements helped us hit our highest yield ever in our wafer prep area in 1Q this year!  Since the tool is so fast, we are good for the remainder of the year / likely most of next year (additional systems not required yet).”


A single SSLR scanner can deliver the following capabilities

Inspection Standard Optical Fields Optic Types
ISO 10110 Brightfield Coated or Uncoated
MIL-13830B Darkfield Plano-Plano
Other Near Darkfield Convex or Concave
Any Shape

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