Inspection Systems for Glass and Coating Defect Detection

Breaking Technical Barriers

Pursuing High Performance Coupled with Low Cost Systems

For over twenty years, Dark Field Technologies has been leading the glass surface inspection industry with a glass inspection system of new laser and camera inspection and glass coating defect detection technologies, including retro-reflective laser systems for float glass inspection and telecentric lasers and cameras for low-e glass and display glass. There is no maintenance and minimum installation cost, and installation is done during line operation–so no down time.

Glass Industry Solutions

  • In-situ coating inspection inside the deposition chamber

  • Increasing Coated Glass Yield, Throughput and Quality Detection of Washer Debris

  • Low-e Glass Coating Defects

  • Smart Phone/Hand Held Device - Mother Glass

  • Aerospace Glass

  • Smart Phone/Pad – Cover Glass

  • Defect Enhancement

  • Float Glass and Cut Sheet

  • First Surface Inspection

  • On-Line 100% Haze Measurement

  • Length, Width and Squareness: On-Line Measurement

  • Warp/Bow

  • Edge Chips and Corner Chips

  • Edge Grind Quality

  • Chamfer Inspection

  • Transient Defects

  • Bent Glass Defect Detection

  • Scratch/Sleek/Dig Detection

  • Turnkey Inspection Systems

  • Touch Sensors

  • Solar PV inspection and scribe metrology

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