Glass Wafer Inspection

Glass Wafer Inspection

In-Line, High-Speed, High-Resolution Particle/Defect Detection, Coating/Pattern Inspection, First Surface Cleanliness, Via Inspection, AR/VR/MR Headsets and Haze/Uniformity Measurement

Producing high quality glass wafers for MEMS, AR/VR/MR, Semiconductor, Microlithography, Silicon Bonding and Structured Glass applications requires high-resolution, 100% defect detection at each critical process stage from IQC through coating, micro-machining and via creation. Particles of only a few microns or poorly machined vias can mean reduced quality and yield.

Dark Field has developed and proven on-line, high-speed inspection and measurement technologies which detect defects and provide real time measurements, including immediate grading, alarms and reject actions, in a compact system which can be integrated with a cassette/robot system for immediate G/NG grading.

Glass Wafer Inspection Solutions

  • Laser Technologies

  • Uncoated Glass Wafers

  • Coated and Patterned Wafers

  • First Surface Cleanliness Measurement

  • Via Inspection

  • AR/VR/MR Headsets

  • Haze Measurement

  • Coating Uniformity Measurement

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