Energy Storage Media

High Speed, High-Resolution Inspection, Measurement and Information

Ensuring High Production, Yields and Quality

Energy Storage Media Production Solutions & Turnkey Systems

Energy storage media production requires high-speed, high resolution, 100% automatic energy storage media inspection for critical defects and physical measurements.  Dark Field has developed and proven the most advanced energy storage defect detection and inspection/measurement systems in the world for Li-Ion production – defect detection and feature measurements/position for RTR Jelly Roll and Sheet processes.

Energy Storage Production Solutions

  • Copper and Aluminum Foil Inspection

  • Electrode Coating, Compression & Drying - Inspection & Measurement

  • Slitting & Punching – Inspection & Measurement

  • Membrane Separator Inspection

  • Unit Cell Assembly Inspection and Measurement

  • Turnkey Solutions

  • Mapping, Reporting, Warnings and Trends

Dark Field Technologies

Unique Li-Ion Inspection and Measurement Technologies


  • Li-Ion Application-Specific Design: Dark Field brightfield and darkfield Solid State Laser Reflection (SSLR) scanners, designed specifically for Li-Ion applications deliver unmatched foil, separator, coating and converting defect detection while generating real time alarms and alerts for defects and measurements which are outside the LCL and UCL.
  • Superior detection: The ONLY system that uses lasers and cameras together (SSLR). Light interacts with the defect two times for enhanced detection. Darkfield and brightfield designs.
  • Compact design: This is the simplest system to install, minimum installation envelope and does not require shrouding; easy line access is ensured. Scanners can be mounted on a moving sled.
  • Maximize information. Customer-specific trends and reports: Customized for each installation, trends/reports are generated from the integrated SQL Server. Information, not just data. Customized Maps, Alarms, trends and reports assure that maximum information is delivered by the system, not just data and images. Dedicated SQL server means no response delays or system crashes.
  • Self-Aligning, no maintenance optical system: SSLR is the only self-aligning system in the world; SSLR never needs to be tuned. No more missed defects and false hits. This is critically important for critical Li-Ion reflection operations.
  • Modular design – simple upgrade path: Dark Field systems are completely modular energy storage turnkey systems. This means that scanner design and electronic processing modules are optimized for each application. Optics and processing modules can be specified and upgraded independently.
  • Year One System Support: Dark Field engineers provide unlimited support via telephone, VPN and applications lab support for twelve months.

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