The world's most advanced inspection systems for measurement and defect detection for high value, quality critical products

About Dark Field

The market leader in designing and building new-to-the-world inspection and metrology systems

Our focus on cutting edge solutions for today’s complex applications sets us apart, providing both the flexibility and the foundation to create the most advanced inspection systems in the world. Dark Field’s 10,000 sq. ft. Engineering Center is located just outside New Haven, CT and includes four sheet conveyors and two RTR rewinders for dynamic evaluation, system testing and development.

Award Winning Technology Company

Dark Field was awarded the top prize by CTC, “Technology Product of the Year” beating out 220 other companies for the distinction.

Our Background

  • 1970: Sick Optik, Munich: High-resolution laser scanners; photosensitive film and coated glass.
  • 1990: Sira/Image Automation: World’s most advanced laser system for glass inspection.
  • 1997: Dark Field Technologies: Formed from Sick Optik and Sira/Image Automation for single point of focus in the Americas.
  • 2009: Dark Field developed next generation of laser/camera inspection systems.  Became wholly-owned U.S. corporation.
  • 2014: Solid State Laser Reflection (SSLR) Gen 2.5.
  • 2016: In-Situ SSLR for flexible electronics – 1.5μm resolution.
  • New-to-the-world Developments: Solar PV on glass and film, aerospace glass, coating/ink height thickness measurement, flexible electronics inspection in-situ and ex-situ, on-line RTR scanner 1.5μm resolution and many more.