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New technologies for increasing yield and quality.

Energy Storage

Highly efficient inspection and measurement solutions for energy storage media production.

Specialty Materials

Combining the best elements of laser scanners and camera systems in a low cost, high resolution system.

Technology Confluence

Dark Field Technologies - Innovative Surface Inspection Systems and Automatic Defect Detection with Extraordinary Performance

Dark Field has developed proprietary technology for detecting defects and coating thickness measurement which integrates lasers and cameras together for an unsurpassed performance in the world’s only self-aligning system. Our automatic inspection system and surface inspection system allows components that are critical for safety and functionality to be produced with reliability and a consistently high quality.


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  • Custom Automatic Inspection Systems
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  • Better Than The Human Eye

Measurement and Defect Automatic Inspection System

Visual inspection of finished products has always been one of the basic and most recognized applications of quality control in any industry. This inspection remains largely a manual process conducted by operators, and thus faces considerable limitations that make it unreliable. Therefore, it is necessary to automatize the inspection for better efficiency. Dark Field has the technology and skills to build automatic inspection systems tailored to your needs while the competitors sell their systems out of a box with only minor tinkering.

Superior Surface Inspection System Technology

Our surface inspection system will make sure even the smallest surface defects are detected, fully automated and inline at production speed. Manufacturing defects, such as pores and damage are captured by the inspection. We make sure that process deviations are detected at an early stage and can be corrected. If you are interested in our defect inspection system or any of other other technologies, fill out our contact form and someone from Dark Field will get in touch with you shortly.

surface inspection system

Award Winning Technology Company

Dark Field was awarded the top prize by CTC, “Technology Product of the Year” beating out 220 other companies for the distinction.

The world's most advanced inspection systems for measurement and defect detection of high value quality critical products

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